A fandom project run by Chii, Boony, Crossy, Flux, AQ, and Arkie.

Logo by Tumblr user pughuddle!


What’s Fanpro?

A project started by two Tumblr users to establish a ‘fandom’, or, a community of people with shared interests. Fanpro is a specific project to start a fandom via original characters and fanmade headcanons.

Why was Fanpro created?

It was originally created to help a girl with a scholastic opportunity, but now it’s a moderated pool of public domain characters created for the goal of general interest.

How can I contribute? / What do you want us to do?

Since the Fanpro community as of now is extremely free, and official information is nonexistent, there’s virtually no limit to how you can contribute. If you can draw, make art! If you can write, make fanfics! If you have a strong imagination, create backstories, information, and identities for the characters!

Most creations are submitted in the #fanpro tag, and each character has their own blog on Tumblr, so you can go follow them to see various works featuring or including that character.

What can I get out of this?

By contributing to the fandom, you are being a huge piece in having Fanpro grow. If Fanpro grows, the designs included in Fanpro will be more widespread and established, while still being royalty-free. Any works you make with the character are 100% yours and you are free to sell anything made with them without permission from Fanpro. The bigger the audience for the designs, the more your works will earn. If you are not interested in monetary gain, then you’re helping in creating the first fandom with almost absolutely no canon, which would lead to fun works and expansive possibilities.

How long will you be adding character designs?

We will continue adding character designs until we reach 1000. Where we go from there is undefined. 

Why so many characters?

We felt we needed to make Fanpro more impressive and notable, so we’re aiming to make it a fandom with a massive pool of creativity. Each character has a different feel to it, so we’re trying to make our selections more diverse.

In short, Fanpro is a moderated pool of public domain characters created for the goal of general interest!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re interested in Fanpro!

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