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this is absolutely ridiculous and i love it



freakin’ 493 doing the splits



WIPs? Fanpro 0696 and 0394



102 of asktherealists as a merman

I was inspired, that’s my only excuse for this.



what do you mean you thought i was out of fanpro



Okay, so.

We’ve decided to change the submission date to Monday-Thursday! Thinking about how people forget it’s submission date, are busy, or any other number of reasons for not being able to submit a design, this change will hopefully help this so you can turn in a design at will during these days instead of just one day. We don’t have nearly as many asks as we used to, so we don’t have to worry about the asks drowning out the designs or vice versa.

Please feel free to submit your designs Monday through Thursday.Technically you aren’t supposed to submit anymore designs after midnight, since it is now Friday, but a few minutes after won’t hurt since the designs won’t be picked until sometime after 8 in the morning normally, in the afternoon. This is in PST!

Designs will still be picked on Friday and the winning theme is still being picked on Sunday. No other changes are being made besides making the submission date longer.

Sorry if anything is worded oddly in this, I hope you all understand!




I finished up a 792 before bed

Whoo, woman, take it easy, it’s hot in here. //tugs collar


The theme is Food-based. If you have any questions please ask or check the FAQ.




do they call people who like fanpro “fanbros” 

here is a 0664 for a cool mutual 

i might draw 0664s cool pal if i get time